Food waste can be reduced at many different levels—government, industry and consumer—and in many different ways. One way is social marketing where the benefits of reducing waste can be sold to households.

Teaming up with Redland City Council, the Waste Not Want Not campaign rolled out in Stocklands Shopping Centre in Cleveland as a two-week pilot project. Dominique Rizzo cooked delicious and healthy meals each day. Passers received free tastings, chopping boards, shopping list notepads and shopping bags.


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Waste Not Want Not shows you how you can save money through turning your food waste into tasty home cooked meals.

We can show you how to turn your uninspired fridge (as shown to the left) into easy delicious meals (as shown to the right), saving you money every time you shop.

To find out how you can save time and money on your grocery shopping follow our easy tips and tricks!

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